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Board of Directors

We return home to take a rest after a long day of chasing after life in the hustle and bustle of urban civilization. Every day, we dream of owning a place that will be our peaceful destination, and where we will feel at home. This is probably the lifelong dream of the middle class that they own a small house or a flat where they can compose the memories of laughter and tears.

We have established Madani Holdings Limited to make these dreams a reality. Our goal is to promise dream house for everyone within their affordability. Along with this goal, we give equal importance to transparency and accountability. It is our endeavor to build a good relationship with all stakeholders in housing by creating a win win situation.

In consideration of environmental risks, we will always give priority to sustainable, long-lasting security systems, and a clean civic life. We are also pledged to ensure fairness and trustworthiness in investment. So you can talk to us once before any transaction in building your dream house, buying and selling land and houses.

Let’s Dream Together

Md. Mayen Uddin


Mohammad Golam Mowla

Managing Director

Mohammed Shaheed Qutub Uddin


Dr. Ibrahim Masum Billah